Lane Covelo AGM

Saturday Morning Rides - Leaving The Village Arcade, 43-45 Burns Bay Rd Lane Cove, at 6:30am sharp.

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Lane Covelo AGM

Postby Peter » Sun May 20, 2018 1:23 pm

Lane Covelo AGM
Nibu Café: 12 May 2018 10am

Colin Munday
Ingrid Ralph
Peter Mayall
Jennifer Paggi
Juhi Kapur
Jamon Pool
Jan McNally

1) Presidents Report:
We currently have 84 members, 63 full members and 21 associate members.

2) General Discussion:
a) We will run a trial with members signing on at the beginning of rides. Member can tick off their names and non-members to write out their name. This is so we can better identify members and non-members and to encourage non-members to join the club. Note riders should only ride with the club for two rides before joining.
b) It was agreed that new jersey orders will be annual at a date suitable to Ingrid.
c) Official club communication will continue to be via the forum. Facebook will continue to be used for informal communication.
d) All agreed that the safety briefings before the rides to continue as it was important that the club promotes a safe riding culture.
e) All riders to be proactive in calling out bad riding behaviour or if uncomfortable with this to talk to the ride leader. This is to promote better group ride behaviour.
f) Thank you to the committee members particularly Ingrid for her efforts and special thanks to Jenn for organising social events.

3) Financial Report (presented by Colin Munday, Treasurer):
Opening Balance 1 January 2017: $2,335
Members dues received Cyling NSW: $528 (48 members)
Members dues received Associate members: $417 (28 Associate members)
Cycling NSW affiliation paid: -$250
Xmas party receipts: $765
Xmas party payments: $0*
PO Box registration: -$124
Website: -$108
Closing balance 31 December 2018: $3,563

* $1,075 Xmas party payments paid in January bringing the closing balance to $2,488.

4) Election of Committee:
Juhi Kapur nominated by Colin Munday and Ingrid Ralph nominated by Peter Mayall.
Juhi Kapur elected by 6 votes to 1.

Vice President: Ingrid Ralph nominated by Peter Mayall. Passed unopposed.
Treasurer: Colin Munday nominated by Ingrid. Passed unopposed.
Secretary: Peter Mayall nominated by Ingrid. Passed unopposed.
Other Committee Members: Jamon Pool, Jan McNally and Jennifer Paggi. Passed unopposed.
Note: James Cheetham remains our Public Officer for the club.

Meeting closed at 10:50am
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