Burns Bay Rd

Average Gradient:
Start Point:
View St Intersection
End Point:
Tamborine St Rounadabout
Regroup Point:
Climb Description:
Due to the location of this climb, it only appears on the Homebush Bay Rides. It is only quite short, and there are a few flat points in it, so it isn't a difficult climb.

Those riders who didn't work hard enough at Homebush are usually feeling itchy by the base and so expect some attacks to start early. Watch out for the traffic on this road, it will be slightly heavier than other climbs that the bunch puts up with.

The section from the start of the climb to the second set of lights is the steepest part, once you are through that it does ease up.

Once through the second set of lights, you will have to take the right had turn beside the 7-11 Service Station. This section of Burns Bay Rd doesn't have as much traffic and is a good place for the climb to finish. Watch out for the sneak attack at the end of the climb which will allow someone to have the bragging rights at the Cafe.
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