Spit Bridge North - Battle Blvd

Average Gradient:
Start Point:
Battle Blvd
End Point:
Edgecliffe Esplanade
Regroup Point:
Ross St
Climb Description:
This is only a short climb, so there is pretty much only one tactic that will work if you want to take maximum points. Ride Fast.

The climb takes a back road instead of Manly Rd to climb, this is a lot safer as there is very little traffic this way. After The Spit Bridge, turn left onto Battle Bvd, and the gradient will slowly increase, at the intersection with Palmerston Pl, turn right through about 135 degrees to complete the climb at the intersection with Edgecliffe Esp.

Take the right into Edgecliffe Esp and follow it. Take the right into Panorama Pde and then turn right into Ponsonby Pde and follow it as it becomes Sydney Rd,and have a brief regroup at Ross St before continuing the Ride.
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Spit Bridge North - Battle Blvd Route
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