Spit Bridge South - Parriwi Rd

Average Gradient:
Start Point:
Parriwi Rd
End Point:
Spit Rd
Regroup Point:
Spit Rd
Climb Description:
Like the North side of The Spit Bridge, this climb can be completed without having to resort to the main road, there is a left turn up Parriwi Rd which is pretty much only used by local traffic.

This is a steady climb with no major surprises, it is a good opportunity to practice spinning a high cadence up a hill as like the North side, it is only a short climb. The top and the regroup point are the same on this climb, so you can cheer the remaining riders on after you have completed it yourself.

There are great views to the East of Shell Cove.
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Spit Bridge South - Parriwi Rd Route
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