Naval Base - Balmoral

Average Gradient:
Start Point:
Cowder Bay Rd
End Point:
Suakin Rd
Regroup Point:
King Max St
Climb Description:
The second climb in the Balmoral Hills Ride.

Strictly speaking, this climb only starts about 700m before the intersection with Middle Head Rd and Chowder Bay Rd, but the group rides right to the end of Chowder Bay Rd before taking it in. There are a few lumps along this road.

Again, this is only a short climb, but it is also surprisingly steep. Although the average gradient is fairly low, there is a pretty steep section in the middle that can really test your legs. There is the extra challenge of having to negotiate some speed humps, and as the road is narrow, oncoming traffic can also be uncomfortably close.

After reaching the summit of this climb, the regroup point is on King Max St, which is about 1km past the top.
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