Taronga Zoo

Average Gradient:
Start Point:
Taronga Zoo Wharf
End Point:
Cross St
Regroup Point:
Climb Description:
The last climb in the Balmoral Hills Ride.

Because of the way this hill is approached, to stand a chance of getting maximum points, it is necessary to finish the descent near the front of the bunch. Even so, as it is slightly longer than the other two hills, you can still sneak up on a complacent rider who beat you down the hill.

This is the longest hill of the Balmoral Ride, even so, it is still under 2km in length (just). This one starts off pretty steady, and then quickly ramps up to let you know that it means business. Once past the hairpin, there is a steady slog to Beach Rd before the gradient eases up slightly before finishing at the Cross St intersection for the points.

The regroup point is opposite King Max St at the Church. There is a tap hidden away in the garden where it is possible to refill your water bottle before heading back to Renegade.
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