Berowra Waters West

Average Gradient:
Start Point:
Berowra Waters Ferry
End Point:
Chillcott Rd
Regroup Point:
Charltons Creek Rd
Climb Description:
This is one of the more hated climbs in North Sydney. It isn't the longest, and it isn't the steepest, but there is something about it that you can't put your finger on that makes it really tough.

After leaving the Ferry, there is a nice flat section to allow you to warm up before the climb starts. Once it starts, you will know about it. The gradient is pretty solid for the first 1-2km, and you will reach a crest at Berrilee, at this point, you hit a good solid false flat, that will make you wonder why you aren't going very fast.

Finally, at Chillcott Rd, you will hit the top of the hill, you will know this as you can finally start rolling. Pull into Charltons Creek Rd to regroup before continuing onto Galston.