Lane Cove National Park

Route Description:
Leave Lane Cove and head towards Epping Rd via Rosenthal Ave, Birdwood Ave and Longeuville Rd. At Epping Rd, turn right and head towards the Pacific Highway. Turn left on to the Pacific Highway.

Follow the Pacific Highway through Chatswood, Roseville, Lindfield, Killara, Gordon. At Mona Vale Rd intersection turn left and proceed along Ryde Rd towards Ryde.

Turn left into the National Park at Riverside Drive and ride through the Park down to the turnaround point just after the boat hire shed. Repeat laps of the park.

After completing your laps, regroup and ride out via

to be continued

Ride Description:
There are no real hills on this ride so it may be considered a good beginners ride.

After leaving Renegade, the group will head north up the Pacific Highway as so many of the renegade rides do, at Mona Vale Rd turn left onto Ryde Rd. Continue along Ryde Rd to the entrance of the National Park at Riverside Drive.

Take care in the Park as there is often debris on the road and the surface can be slippery if there has been overnight rain. Small groups will ride laps at their own pace, while others go at a harder pace to stretch their legs. Usually a time is nominated in order to regroup so that all can ride out together.

to be continued