Bobbin Head - Galston Gorge - Bobbin Head

Route Description:
Leave Lane Cove and head towards Epping Rd via Rosenthal Ave, Birdwood Ave and Longueville Rd. At Epping Rd, turn right and head towards the Pacific Highway. Turn left on to the Pacific Highway.

Follow the Pacific Highway through Chatswood, Roseville, Lindfield, Killara, Gordon & Pymble. Turn right onto Bobbin Head Rd and follow through North Turramurra and into the National Park.

Descend to Bobbin Head and ascend on the north side via Ku-Ring-Gai Chase Rd, following Ku-Ring-Gai Chase Rd until the northern National Park toll booth. Continue along Ku-Ring-Gai Chase Rd until Belmont Parade, turn right then left at the railway bridge to the Pacific Hwy.

Turn left at the Pacific Hwy and follow through Asquish to Galston Rd, turn right onto Galston Rd and follow through Hornsby Heights and down into the Berowra Valley Regional Park.

Once at the bottom of Galston Gorge, regroup just before the wooden bridge before climbing back up the eastern side (where you just came down).

After reforming the group at the top, head east along Galston Rd until it rejoins the Pacific Highway, turn left and follow it into Asquith. At Belmont Pde, turn right over the railway bridge and then turn right again to continue along Belmont Pde. At Ku Ring Gai Chase Rd, turn left and follow this over the F3 and into Bobbin Head.

After climbing out of Bobbin Head until reaching Bannockburn Rd (just after the intersection with Burns Rd), turn left and then right into Bannockburn Rd. Follow Bannockburn Rd until it reaches the Pacific Hwy.

Turn left onto the Pacific Hwy, and follow it back through Pymble, Gordon, Killara, Lindfield and Chatswood. At Epping Rd, turn right, and then left into Longueville Rd. Take the first right into Birdwood Ave and follow this back to Renegade and the Cafe.
Ride Description:
Like the majority of Renegade Rides, this follows the Pacific Highway north. This early in the morning there are few problems with traffic. Just after the Mona Vale Rd intersection, you will have to ascend Pymble Hill. Just past the top, is the right hand turn onto Bobbin Head Rd. Because of the hill and the traffic lights, it is possible for the stronger climbers to open a gap on the slower climbs. It may be necessary for these stronger riders to stop briefly at the top of the hill or soon after turning onto Bobbin Head Rd to allow the group to reform.

The descent into Bobbin Head is a nice fun descent, most of the corners are quite gentle, but there is the odd tighter corner. The road surface is reasonable but take care if it has been raining as there are water flows across the road in various places.

After climbing out on the North side and regrouping at the Toll Booth. Continue from the Toll Booth to the Pacific Hwy where you turn left and follow it back towards Hornsby. Turn right onto Galston Rd and will see that you are starting to leave the city behind due to the increasing amount of vegetation and open land, soon it will really hit home as you descend into Galston Gorge and Berowra Waters Regional Park.

This is a fun descent, the road isn't in the best condition, but there isn't much that the alert cyclists needs to fear. The best feature of this descent are the 6 hairpins. So pretend that you are descending an Alp in the Tour de France and have fun, just take care if it is wet or foggy.

The first hairpin can catch you unawares, as it is about 20m past a 90 degree right hand corner. When you see the sign for Berowra Waters Regional Park, the first hairpin is just around the corner.

The group will stop briefly at the bottom of the climb to regroup before ascending out again.

At the top of the climb, the group will again pause to bring all riders back into the fold before head out towards Bobbin Head. Ku Ring Gai Chase Rd can be an opportunity for the faster riders to push the pace a little. It is slightly downhill and is generally good fun. Again you have left the city behind and are on a nice tree surrounded road.

After the Bobbin Head descent and climb out the south side, you are unfortunately faced with reality again and you will have to put up with the traffic on Bobbin Head Rd. After the intersection with Burns Rd, the group will veer onto Bannockburn Rd for a more back street return to the Pacific Highway. Shortly after the intersection with Pentecost Ave, watch out for the right and left turn required to continue along Bannockburn Ave.

After rejoining the Pacific Hwy, there is the short descent of Pymble Hill, before the usual jostling for road space back down the Pacific Hwy.

Once back into Lane Cove, enjoy your Coffee at the Cafe after a good solid ride.