Berowra Waters / Galston Gorge

Route Description:
On leaving Lane Cove, turn left onto Burns Bay road, follow the road and turn left onto Longueville Rd. Turn right onto Epping Road at the lights,
and take the exit ramp to the Pacific Highway and turn left.

Follow the Pacific Highway through Chatswood, Lindfield, Killara, Gordon, Pymble, Turrarmurra and Wahroonga.
At Pearce's Corner turn right and continue along the Pacific Highway. At the intersection of College Crescent, again turn right to continue along the Pacific Highway.
In Hornsby, follow the road to the left to cross over the railway bridge, and then follow the road to the right.

Continue on the Pacific Highway as it passes through Asquith, Mt Colah, Mt Kuring-Gai.
At Berowra, turn left onto Berowra Waters Rd. At the second roundabout, turn right to continue along Berowra Waters Rd, and then at the next roundabout,
turn left to continue on Berowra Waters Rd. Follow Berowra Waters Rd to the Ferry Crossing at Berowra Waters.

Regroup at the ferry and cross over to Bay Rd, climb out of the Western side and follow Bay Rd as it becomes Arcadia Rd. Follow Arcadia Rd as it turns to the right at the Primary School,
and then left past the Monastery. Keep on Arcadia Rd through it's twists and turns until it meets the roundabout at Galston Rd.

Turn left onto Galston Rd, and then follow Galston Rd as it turns rightt to the Galston Gorge Descent. Climb out of Galston Gorge, and regroup at the bus shelter.

Continue along Galston Rd until it rejoins the Pacific Highway. Turn right, and follow through Hornsby, over the railway line and continue on the Pacific Hwy through Waitara,
left at Pearce's Corner it back through Wahroonga, Turrarmurra, Pymble, Gordon, Killara, Lindfield and Chatswood.

At Epping Rd, turn right, and then left into Longueville Rd. Take the first right into Birdwood Ave and follow this back to Renegade and the Cafe.
Ride Description:
On leaving Renegade, the route follows the Pacific Highway up to Hornsby. Watch out for Pymble Hill, it is only short but it can spread the bunch out, the group will always
reform afterwards, so don't be concerned if it breaks up on the climb.
We continue up through Hornsby and then take the Old Pacific Highway to Berowra where we turnoff and onto Berowra Waters Rd to begin the descent to the ferry crossing at Berowra Waters.

Until the road leaves Hornsby the scenery is the standard urban sprawl that is an unfortunate staple for riding in Sydney. After that, you get to experience some fantastic views in the
valleys in that area. It is especially spectacular in winter when they are sometimes filled with fog or mist.

There is a good descent down Berowra Waters, but it can be a bit narrow in places, and there are a few tighter corners. As always, descend to your ability and make sure you
finish in an upright position. The group will reform at the bottom as we need to cross on the Ferry.

The climb out of Berowra on the west side is a difficult climb, it isn't unusually long, it isn't unusually steep, but it is not one that many people seem to like.
Once at the top and the group has reformed, enjoy the ride through Berrilee and Arcadia, and then onto Galston.
There are no traffic lights here, and most of the motorists are reasonably polite, so it is a good run.

Enjoy the descent into Galston Gorge, it is quite fast, but as always, take care on the corners.
Cross the two bridges and then climb up imagining you are in the Tour as you turn through the hair pin bends. This is the last major climb, so if anyone who has anything left in the tank
they can push themselves. It isn't uncommon to see who has been biding their time on this climb and there can be a changing of the guard.

After finishing the climb, the group will rejoin the Pacific Highway, and then take the back way through Hornsby to avoid the F3,
before finally rolling back down the Highway to Lane Cove and the welcome Cafe.