Maraylya Loop

Route Description:
Ride Description:
This ride is not normally scheduled as a regular Saturday ride due to its length.
Ride north through Galston Gorge, Dural and Kenthurst. If you are low on water make sure you refill here as it is quite some time before the next water stop. Once you turn onto Pitt Town Rd towards Maraylya the pace picks up as it is slightly downhill. Have a break at Maraylya service station but beware there is no tap water available but you can buy bottled water.

Just out of Maraylya is the Cattai Ridge climb which pitches up to 10% for 500 metres. The ride back to Galston is a bit up and down and can be difficult particularly if the pace is high. Stop at Andy's cafe on Acadia Rd for a break before the familiar ride back through Galston Gorge and home.