Route Description:
Leave Lane Cove, and head west (opposite to normal). Follow this road down the hill and across the Lane Cove River at the bottom. Once over the bridge, take the exit ramp and turn right at the lights onto Gladesville Rd.

Veer to the right and follow Ryde Rd. Keep on this road until the roundabout at the end, and turn left onto Monash Rd. At the traffic lights, turn right onto Victoria Rd.

Stay on Victoria Rd until the intersection with Devlin St, turn left onto Church St. Follow Church Street as it becomes Concord Rd, and then Homebush Bay Drive. Take the exit ramp and turn right onto Australia Ave at the Roundabout.

Follow Australia Ave to Dawn Fraser Ave, turn right and stop at the Train Station.

From the Train Station, the ride follows a loop through Olympic Park, it is possible to do many different loops, but there is a main one that a lot of riders follow.

Leave the Train Station, and head north along Australia Ave, at Kevin Coombs Ave, turn left. This is the start of the loop. Follow this road as it becomes Edwin Flack Ave, and as it passes under the railway bridge, turn left onto Sarah Durack Ave. Then take the right hand turn onto Shirley Strickland Ave which runs beside the Hockey Centre. Follow this until the roundabout, where you turn left onto Olympic Blvd, at the traffic lights, turn left back onto Sarah Durack Ave. Follow this to the lights, and turn right to cross back under the railway bridge and onto Edwin Flack Ave. Stay on this road as it becomes Kevin Coombs Ave. At the Australia Ave intersection, turn left and head over the bridge. On the other side of the bridge, there is a turning spot where we take a full U-Turn and head back over the bridge on Australia Ave. When back at the intersection turn right back onto Kevin Coombs Ave. This loop then repeats.

When the ride at Olympic Park is over, the return leg is different. On leaving the Train Station, head south along Australia Ave, then turn left into Bicentennial Park on Shirley Strickland Ave, follow this road around, and at the bottom of the short descent, turn right onto the bike path. Keep on this path, and then turn right onto the bridge over the canal.

At the mini roundabout on the other side, take the first left and continue along the bike path. When the path does run out, take the left onto Rider Blvd, follow this to Mary St West, and turn right, follow the road to the left and it becomes Walker St. Follow Walker St to the end where it turns under the railway, on the other side, turn into Blaxland St, about 100m past this intersection, turn right on to the bike path that runs beside the railway line.

Follow the bike path and it will exit onto Railway Rd just before the intersection with Banks St. Head north along Banks St and turn right onto Constitution Rd. Take the first left onto See St, and then take the right into McPherson St at the end. Follow McPherson St to Bowden St, and turn left. At the intersection with Victoria Rd, turn right. Follow Victoria Rd all the way back to Monash Rd and turn left. At the roundabout turn right onto Ryde Rd. Take Ryde Rd which becomes Gladesville Rd, take the on ramp onto Burns Bay Rd.

Follow Burns Bay Rd back across the Lane Cove River and up the hill. At the split with Centennial Ave, turn right and continue along Burns Bay Rd which will take you back to Renegade and the Cafe.
Ride Description:
This is a popular ride among the Renegade Group. Because of it's nature of a series of loops once at Homebush Bay, it is possible to go harder or easier than your normal pace.

Both the A and the B Group's leave Renegade as a single group, as a result, it means that the initial pace may be a bit higher than you would expect due to the enthusiastic A Group Riders. Because both A and B Groups are together, it will be a lot bigger than you are used to, as a result, ensure that the group stays together a lot more especially through traffic lights.

Because Victoria Rd is a busy one, the condition of the surface leaves a lot to be desired, keep the bunch communication alive and pass the calls along. Once at Homebush Bay, there is a brief get together at the Station and the then loops start.

While there is a standard loop that most riders do, it is possible to do many others. Homebush Bay is honeycombed with bike paths and roads, and as long as you are back at the Station at 8:30am (or a different time if notified), then you can do your own thing.

The typical format is for the group to do two laps at a steady pace (usually averaging about 30km/hr) before making it a free for all. If you are unsure of the route, it is a good idea to stay back in the bunch a bit and follow the other riders.

Once the two initial laps are over, the group will often pick up the pace and the main group will split into smaller groups. At this point you can either try and stay with a faster group, or drop back and take it easier with a slower group. Try and avoid getting stuck between groups as it can make for a lonely ride.

This ride can be an excellent opportunity for the faster B Group riders to ride with some of the A Group riders and really push themselves. If this isn't your "thing", then it is just as possible to stick with a pace you are more comfortable with. Bear in mind that the return pace is usually very relaxed initially, so don't be afraid of pushing yourself while at Homebush as there is an opportunity to recover on the return leg.

After the loops have finished, the group will regather at the Station again for a brief feed and toilet break if necessary before heading back towards the shop. The return leg takes in a lot of back streets and bike paths before getting to Victoria Rd. The group ride along these roads at a sedate pace which makes it very sociable. Watch out for the other users of the paths and give warning through the bunch.

Watch out for the moon surface called Victoria Rd on the return leg, and again keep the calls alive in the bunch.

Once back onto Burns Bay Rd, there is a final climb to content with, expect some of the A Group riders to challenge themselves (and each other) up this hill before a much deserved coffee at the Cafe.

NB: Both the Route and Profile Maps consist of two maps, the top shows the entire Route and Profile, the lower, shows the Route and Profile of a single loop.
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