Welcome to the Lane CoVelo Saturday Bicycle Group.

We are a group of cyclists who meet every Saturday morning in The Village Arcade (43-45 Burns Bay Rd) opposite Coles. We leave at 6:30am sharp.

The rides are primarily social in nature, but expect some rivalry when climbing. There is a regroup at the top of the climbs to ensure that the bunch stays together.

The rating of the groups has now changed to try and better reflect the speeds of the groups.

Group Distance Flat Pace 5% Climb Pace Normal Return Time
A Group 80km+ 30km/hr 16km/hr 10:00 AM
B1 Group 60km+ 28km/hr 15km/hr 9:30 AM
B2 Group 60km+ 26km/hr 14km/hr 10:00 AM
C Group 40km+ 24km/hr 12km/hr 9:00 AM

It is more important that you are able to ride at the pace on the flats in a group than be able to do the pace on the hills, the groups typically splinter on the hills, but regroup at the top. Riders are expected to be self sufficient on the bike, so please carry a spare tube, pump and some basic tools. The group will stop for mechanicals, but please ensure that your bike is in good mechanical repair.

A small note re C Group. It is a small group and may not have a ride leader, or perhaps any rider on occassion. So please ensure you have a backup plan, eg an alternate solo ride planned or if capable, join B2.

Visit the Forum or Calendar for the list of upcoming rides. These are normally published for each month towards the end of the previous month. Ride suggestions are welcome.

Also check out our Facebook page. You will need to request to join.

For new riders, please contact me either by posting on the Forum or by emailing me on the link below. You are not required to sign a disclaimer, but I do ask for all riders to consider insurance either through Cycling NSW Membership or Bicycle NSW Membership.

The group stops at Sircus Cafe in the Village Arcade at the end of the ride, so if you want to hang around please also bring some money for coffee or drink.

If you are a regular rider then you may be interested in Registering so you can contact the other riders who you meet.

At this stage, you will need to register independently on this site and the Forum.

If you have already Registered. Then you can Login Here or use the link at the top of the Page.

If you have any questions or suggestions then please contact the Secretary.

Check out our riders recent activity on Strava.